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S1-4 Peer-to-Peer Networking and Content Delivery
Session Name: P2P Overlay Networks
Session Chair: Kurt Tutschku (Universität Wien, Austria)
Title Authors and Affiliations
mDHT: Multicast-augmented DHT Architecture for High Availability and Immunity to Churn  Jae Lee (Columbia University, US); Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University, US); Wolfgang Kellerer (DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe, DE); Zoran Despotovic (DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe, DE)
A Novel Cooperative Caching Scheme for Unstrutured Peer-to-Peer Networks  Tomonori Mori (Kyoto University, JP); Takuya Asaka (Kyoto Univ., JP); Tatsuro Takahashi (Kyoto University, JP)
Chameleon: An adaptable 2-tier variable hop overlay  Alan Brown (University of Stirling, UK), Mario Kolberg (University of Stirling, UK), John Buford (Avaya Labs Research, USA)
A Multi-Tree Construction Algorithm for Multi-Channel Live Media Delivery on Overlay Service Network  Weizhan Zhang (Xi'an Jiaotong University, CN); Qinghua Zheng (Xi'an Jiaotong University, CN)
A Scalable Residential Area Network Architecture Supporting HD-Quality Content Distribution  SungWook Chung (University of Florida, US); Eunsam Kim (Hongik University, KR); Jonathan Liu (University of Florida, US)
Semantic Information Retrieval in a Distributed Environment  Ahmad Ali Iqbal (University of New South Wales, AU); Max Ott (NICTA, AU); Aruna Seneviratne (NICTA, AU)
Service Platform and Social Networking Service based on Peer-to-Peer Networking Il-Woo Lee (ETRI, KR)
S2-4 Peer-to-Peer Networking and Content Delivery
Session Name: P2P Media Streaming
Session Chair: Yi Cui ( Vanderbilt University, US)
Title Authors and Affiliations
Peer Assisted Streaming of Scalable Video via Optimized Distributed Caching  Oztan Harmanci (DoCoMo USA LABS, US); Sandeep Kanumuri (DoCoMo USA Labs, US); Ulas Kozat (DoCoMo-Labs USA, US); Mehmet Demircin (Georgia Institute of Technology, US); Reha Civanlar (DoCoMo USA Labs, US)
Toward Improving Scheduling Strategies in Pull-based Live P2P Streaming Systems  Anis Ouali (Concordia University, CA); Brigitte Kerhervé (Université du Québec à Montréal, CA); Brigitte Jaumard (Concordia University, CA)
How Efficient Peer-to-peer Video Streaming Could Be?  Hao Liu (Georgia Tech, US)
Energy-Efficient Video Transmission Scheduling for Wireless Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming  Ying Li (Princeton University, US); Zhu Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK); Mung Chiang (Princeton University, US); A. Robert Calderbank (Princeton University, US)
StreamComplete: an Architecture for Mesh-based Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming  Federico Covino (SAPIENZA - Università di Roma, IT); Massimo Mecella (SAPIENZA -- Universita' di Roma, IT)
VP2P - A Virtual Machine-Based P2P Testbed for VoD Delivery  Yih-Farn Chen (AT&T Labs - Research, US); Rittwik Jana (AT&T Labs Research, US); Daniel Stern (AT&T Labs - Research, US); Bin Wei (AT&T Labs - Research, US); Mike Yang (AT&T Labs - Research, US)
Distributed Media Transcoding Using a P2P Network of Set Top Boxes Guntur Ravindra (Motorola, IN); Sumit Kumar (International Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore, IN); Suresh Chintada (Motorola India Research Lab, IN)
M1-4 Short Papers
Session Name: New Results in P2P Networking
Session Chair: 
Title Authors and Affiliations
An Interest-based P2P File Sharing System  Haiying Shen (Univeristy of Arkansas, US)
Providing Stability of P2P Live Video Streaming during Multi-homed Vertical Handoff  Seungik Lee (Information and Communications University, KR); YangWoo Ko (ICU, KR); Dongman Lee (Information and Communications University, KR)
Achieving Peer-to-peer Telecommunication Services through Social Hashing  Xiaohui Yang (George Mason University, US); Ram Dantu (University of North Texas, US); Duminda Wijesekera (George Mason University, US)
A Measurement Study on Video Acceleration Service  Pan Pan (Vanderbilt University, US); Yi Cui (Vanderbilt University, US)
Contribution-aware Overlay Optimization for Peer-to-peer Live Streaming Applications Hao Chen (Fudan University, CN)
SLAAP: Stream Location-Aware Alliance Partitioning in BitTorrent Networks for Video-On-Demand Systems  Hala ElAarag (Stetson University, US)
A P2P, Agent-based System of Systems Architecture for Cooperative Maritime Networks  Sean Geoghegan (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US); Grady McCorkle (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US); Chris Robinson (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US); Greg Fundyler (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US); Jamelle Brown (University of Arkansas, US); Srini Ramaswamy (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US); Mhamed Itmi (INSA-Rouen, FR)
An O(1) Lookup and Decentralized Bootstrapping Peer to Peer SIP System  Lanzhi Gu (BUPT, CN); Zhang Chunhong (BUPT, CN)
Secure and dynamic cooperation of personal networks in a Fednet  Malohat Ibrohimovna (University of Delft, NL); Sonia Heemstra de Groot (Delft Technical University, NL)
M2-4 Peer-to-Peer Networking and Content Delivery
Session Name: Incentive-based Content Delivery
Session Chair: Mario Kolberg (University of Stirling, UK)
Title Authors and Affiliations
A Novel Optimistic Unchoking Algorithm for BitTorrent  Dongyu Qiu (Concordia University, CA); Zuhui Ma (Concordia University, CA)
Remuneration Aware Resource Acquisition in P2P Overlay  Joseph So (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK)
Incentives for P2P File Sharing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  Afzal Mawji (Queen's University, CA); Hossam Hassanein (Queen's University, CA)
Experimental Study of Broadcatching in BitTorrent  Zengbin Zhang (Tsinghua University, CN); Yuan Lin (Tsinghua University, CN); Yang Chen (Tsinghua University, CN); Yongqiang Xiong (Microsoft Research Asia, CN); Jacky Shen (Microsoft Research Asia, CN); Hongqiang Liu (Tsinghua University, CN); Beixing Deng (Tsinghua University, CN); Xing Li (Tsinghua University, CN)
A Group-Level Incentive Scheme for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks  Long Cheng (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CN); Canfeng Chen (Nokia Research Center, CN); Jian Ma (Nokia Research Center, CN); Yimin Chen (Stanford University, US)
Analyzing Human Centric Data for Sharing Mobile Internet with Social Buddies  Siva Gurumurthy (University of Massachusetts, US)
Towards a Tree-based Taxonomy of Anonymous Networks Douglas Kelly (Air Force Institute of Technology, US); Richard Raines (Air Force Institute of Technology, US); Barry Mullins (Air Force Institute of Technology, US); Michael Grimaila (Air Force Institute of Technology, US); Rusty Baldwin (Air Force Institute of Technology, US)
Session Name: Home Networks on P2P / Security with Online Social Networks
Session Chair: Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Keio University, JP
Title Authors and Affiliations
Design and Implementation of Imaging Protocol for Mobile Phones - SS SOSN Tomoyuki Osano (NTT DOCOMO, Inc., JP); Norihiro Ishikawa (NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP); Kazuhiro Kitagawa (Keio University, JP); Fumio Nagasaka (Seiko EPSON, JP)
Home Appliance Control Using Heterogeneous Sensor Networks - SS SOSN Yuichiro Kato (Shizuoka Univerysity, JP); Takahiro Ito (Shizuoka University, JP); Hideki Kamiya (Shizuoka University, JP); Masatoshi Ogura (University of Shizuoka, JP); Hiroshi Mineno (Shizuoka University, JP); Norihiro Ishikawa (NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP); Tadanori Mizuno (Shizuoka University, JP)
Design and Implementation of Security Camera Control Application for Mobile Phones - SS SOSN Takeshi Kato (NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP); Norihiro Ishikawa (NTT DoCoMo R&D CENTER, JP); Tomoyuki Osano (NTT DOCOMO, Inc., JP)
A Security Model Proposal for a Social Communications Broker - SS SOSN Oscar Solá (Telefonica I+D, ES); Remi de La Vieuville (Telefonica I+D, ES); Jorge Serna Pozuelo (Telefónica I+D, ES); Alejandro Cadenas (Telefonica I+D, ES)
Feasibility of a Socially Aware Authentication Scheme - SS SOSN Andrew Frankel (McGill University, CA); Muthucumaru Maheswaran (McGill University, CA)
A Collusion-Resistant Automation Scheme for Social Moderation Systems - SS SOSN Jing-Kai Lou (National Taiwan University, TW); Kuan-Ta Chen (Academia Sinica, TW); Chin-Laung Lei (National Taiwan University, TW)
SLINCS: A Social Link based Evaluation System for Network Coordinate Systems - SS SOSN  Xiaoxiao Song (Tsinghua University, CN); Xiaohan Zhao (Tsinghua University, CN); Eng Keong Lua (Nippon Telegraph 
and Telephone Corporation (NTT), JP); Zengbin Zhang (Tsinghua University, CN); Beixing Deng (Tsinghua University, CN); 
Xing Li (Tsinghua University, CN)


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