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S1-6 Security for CE Networking
Session Name: Wireless Security
Session Chair:  Ming-Yuh Huang, The Boeing Company, USA
Title Authors and Affiliations
  An Intrusion Detection System in Ad Hoc Networks: A Social Network Analysis Approach WEI WANG, HONG MAN Senior, and YU LIU(Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology)
  Leap of Faith Security is Enough for Mobility Janne Lindqvist(Helsinki University of Technology and International Computer Science Institute), Miika Komu(Helsinki Institute for Information Technology Helsinki University of Technology and University of Helsinki)
  A Security Framework with Strong Non-repudiation and Privacy in VANETs Jaeduck Choi and Souhwan Jung(School of Electronic Engineering, Soongsil University)
  A Device Authentication and Registration Method Assisted by a Cellular System for User-driven Service Creation Architecture Takashi Matsunaka, Takayuki Warabino, Yoji Kishi(KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc), Kiyohide Nakauchiy, Takeshi Umezawa, Masugi Inoue(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
  On the Power Consumption of security algorithms employed in wireless networks Dimitrios Meintanis(Technical University of Crete, Dept of Electronic & Computer Engineering), Ioannis Papaefstathiou(Technical University of Crete, Dept of Electronic & Computer Engineering)
  Self-Encryption Scheme for Data Security in Mobile Devices Yu Chen(Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering SUNY - Binghamton, Binghamton, NY), Wei-Shinn Ku(Dept. of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Auburn University)
BLINK: Securing Information to the Last Connection Scott Craver (State University of New York - Binghamton, US); Yu Chen (State University of New York - Binghamton, US)
S2-6 Security for CE Networking
Session Name: Privacy and System Security
Session Chair: Yu Chen, SUNY Binghamton, USA
Title Authors and Affiliations
  Privacy Preserving DRM Solution with Content Classification and Superdistribution Jun Yao, Sunnam Lee, Suhyun Nam(DM R&D Center, Samsung Electronics)
  A Secure DVB Set-top Box via Trusting Computing Technologies Onur Ac?ic﹐mez Jean-Pierre Seifert Xinwen Zhang(Samsung Information Systems America, Samsung Electronics R&D Center)
A SIP Security Testing Framework Hemanth Srinivasan and Kamil Sarac(Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas)
A Self-Healing Key Distribution Scheme Based on Bilinear Pairings Biming Tian, S. Han, F. K. Hussain, T. S. Dillon, and E. Chang(DEBI Institute Curtin University of Technology)
Feature Selection for Intrusion Detection System Based on Support Vector Machine Safaa Zaman, and Fakhri Karray(ECE Department, University of Waterloo)
Email Shape Analysis for Spam Botnet Detection Paul Sroufe (University of North Texas, US); Santi Phithakkitnukoon (University of North Texas, US); Ram Dantu
㺄(University of North Texas, US); Joao Cangussu (University of Texas at Dallas, US)
A Security Service Protocol for MANETs Antonio Taddeo (University of Lugano, CH); Alberto Ferrante (University of Lugano, CH)
Authenticating user using keystroke dynamics and finger pressure Hataichanok Saevanee, 㺄 Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol (University of Chulalongkorn, TH)
Session Name: Collaboration and Communication in Virtual Worlds
Session Chair: Krishna Dhara, Avaya Labs Research, USA
Title Authors and Affiliations
A Distribued Architecture for Collaborative Teleoperation using Virtual Reality and Web Platforms Platforms Christophe Domingues (University of Evry, IBISC, FR);㺄Samir Otmane (IBISC, FR);㺄Frederic Davesne (IBISC, FR);㺄Malik Mallem (University of Evry Val d'Essonne, FR);㺄Laredj Benchikh (IBISC, FR)
A framework for designing Adaptative Systems in VR Applications Pierre Boudoin (IBISC Laboratory - CNRS FRE 3190, FR);㺄Samir Otmane (IBISC, FR);㺄Malik Mallem (University of Evry Val d'Essonne, FR);Hichem Maaref (University of Evry Val d䃾Essonne (UEVE), France., FR)
Virtual Worlds as an Enterprise Services Tool Sameer Vijaykar (IIT Bombay, IN);㻊Muthukkumar Kadavasal (Virtual Reality Application Center, Iowa State University, US);㻊K. Kishore Dhara (Avaya Labs Research, US);㻊Xiaotao Wu (Avaya Labs Research, US);㻊Venkatesh Krishnaswamy (Avaya Labs Research, US)
Characterizing graphical desktop sharing system䃾s workload in collaborative virtual environments Iztok Humar (University of Ljubljana, SI);㻊Janez Be訮ter (University of Ljubljana, SI);㻊Sa訮o Toma閂i楞 (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SI)
Towards Tangible "Virtual Money" Kenji Saito (Keio University, JP);㻊Eiichi Morino (Gesell Research Society Japan, JP)
Session Name: Virtualization for CE Devices
Session Chair: Sang-bum Suh, Samsung
Title Authors and Affiliations
A Virtual Window System for CE Devices Based on System Virtualization Sung-Min Lee (Samsung Electronics, KR);㻊Sang-bum Suh (Samsung Electronics, KR);㻊Sang-Dok Mo (Samsung, KR);㻊Alexander Trofimov (Samsung, RU);㻊Bokdeuk Jeong (Samsung, KR)
A Practical Look at Micro-Kernels and Virtual Machine Monitors Michel Gien (VirtualLogix, FR);㻊Fran媆ois Armand (VirtualLogix, FR)
Virtualization for Advanced Power Management of Consumer Electronic Devices Frank Altschuler (Trango Virtual Processors, US)
A Step to Support Real-time in Virtual Machine See-Hwan Yoo (Korea University, KR);㻊Miri Park (Korea University, KR);㻊Chuck Yoo (Korea University, KR)
Device Driver Isolation within Virtualized Embedded Platforms Sebastian Sumpf (Research Intern, DE);㻊J恢rg Brakensiek (Nokia, US)
Session Name: Virtualization for CE Devices / Challenges in Future Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Session Chair: Sang-bum Suh, Samsung
Title Authors and Affiliations
An Agent Framework for CE Devices to Support Storage Virtualization on Device Ensembles Woojoong Lee (Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR);㻊Young-Ki Hong (Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR);Chanik Park (Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR)
Virtual Machines for CE Gernot Heiser (University of New South Wales, AU)
The Throughput-Reliability Tradeoff in 802.11-based Vehicular Safety Communications Zhe Wang (University of New South Wales, AU);㻊Mahbub Hassan (University of New South Wales, AU)
Privacy and Scalability Analysis of Vehicular Combinatorial Certificate Schemes Robert White (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Stanley Pietrowicz (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Eric van den Berg (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Dennis Mok (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Richard Ferrer (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Tao Zhang (Telcordia Technologies, US);㻊Hyong Shim (Telcordia Technologies, US)
A Proposal of Link Metric for Next-Hop Forwarding Methods in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Hiraku Okada (Niigata University, JP);㻊Akira Takano (Niigata University, JP);㻊Kenichi Mase (Niigata University, JP)
Fragile Watermarking Based on Localized Histogram Modification Hyang-mi Yoo (Chungbuk national university, KR); Sang-Kwang Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research
㻊Institute, KR); Jae-Won Suh (Chungbuk National University, KR)


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