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About the Conference

The demand for networked consumer systems and devices is large and growing rapidly. At home in a car, at work or at play, consumers want transparent networking for the systems and devices that they rely on for entertainment, information, and communications. Such networking should be on-demand, with whomever or whatever they want, regardless of time or location.  To meet these requirements, industry has invested heavily in a variety of wireless and wireline communications technologies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  In recent times, we have seen the emergence of 3G and 4G, WiFi and WiMax, Bluetooth and Zigbee, Ultrawideband and TV-band,  Powerline and Free space optical.  Applications of these technologies include personal and body area networking, home networking, game networking, automobile networking, ad-hoc networking, and sensor networking. These networks may be connected though networking layers that are cognitive, peer-to-peer enabled, and have the properties of self organization and management.  Over these networks we must have content distribution that is compressed, rights-enabled, and delivered with appropriate quality of service.    All of this is made possible by networking software and middleware that present to the service designer the tools to provide ease of use, security, and stunning interactivity to the end consumer.

To meet the communications needs of the industrial, academic, and governmental sectors of researchers and practitioners of consumer communications and networking, the Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) was developed by the IEEE Communications Society in order to bring together the latest in  communications and networking technology with the utilization of that technology in consumer communications and networking devices, services and applications.  In 2008, under the rubric of our theme, "Connecting  Devices, Consumers, and Content," we will present a program of keynotes, papers, special sessions, panels, demonstrations,  workshops, and tutorials designed to keep every attendee informed, entertained, and enthused.   Come join us!

Who should attend

CCNC is designed to be engaging to professionals in the consumer networking, consumer electronics, and consumer content-provider fields.
Engineers will find the latest world-class technical results in our papers and special sessions.

Marketing and Product design specialists will find great demonstrations of emerging technology and discussions of key issues in our panels.

Executives responsible for consumer-oriented products and services will be very interested in the keynotes and business application panels presented by industry leaders.

All can benefit from CCNC's tutorials on the latest hot issues in consumer networking technology.


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