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WS-x Information Retrieval in Sensor Networks

Workshop Chairs: Jun Suzuki, Duc A. Tran

  TitleAuthors and Affiliations
Energy-aware Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor NetworksSoyoung Hwang (ETRI, KR)
Information Storage, Reduction and Dissemination in Sensor Networks: A SurveyQuan Le-Trung (University of Oslo, NO); Paal Engelstad (University of Oslo / Telenor R&I, NO); Amirhosein Taherkordi (University of Oslo, NO); Hai Ngoc Pham (University of Oslo, NO); Tor Skeie (Simula Research Lab, NO)
Toward Interoperable Publish/Subscribe Communication between Wireless Sensor Networks and Access NetworksPruet Boonma (University of Massachusetts, Boston, US); Junichi Suzuki (University of Massachusetts, Boston, US)
High-resolution speech signal reconstruction in Wireless Sensor NetworksAndria Pazarloglou (Texas A&M University, US); Radu Stoleru (Texas A&M University, US); Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna (Texas A&M University, US)


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